Serving the global semiconductor industry with ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited and ITS90 traceable calibration. We manufacture rtd PT100 4-wire temperature wafer assemblies with and without loggers  which outperform a conventional TC thermocouple wafer and 2 wire PT1000 calibration wafer due to its inherent accuracy and traceability to the International Temperature Standard. Sigma Sensors is the only company globally offering ISO17025:2017 accredited  thermal chuck calibration and thermal  wafer calibration for surface temperature measurement in wafer probers.  We also offer calibration services for burn-in ovens, freezers,  environmental enclosures, liquid baths, dryblocks and temperature measuring systems.


At Sigma Sensors we strive to provide our customers the highest quality temperature calibration service to internationally established standards. Our goal is to be an instrumental partner to our customers in meeting their thermal calibration requirements and to exceed expectations by continual improvement.

Traceable, Accurate & Precise

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 is the global standard for calibration laboratories. We offer traceable, accurate, and precise temperature measurement  (temperature calibration), thermal chuck calibration (tritemp chuck  calibration/ hot chuck calibration / cold chuck calibration) as well as temperature calibration wafers (RTD wafer / Thermocouple wafer / TC wafer / Instrumented wafer / RTP wafer) for the semiconductor industry globally.

Sigma Sensors TCL is the first and only temperature calibration laboratory specializing in surface temperature measurement and temperature calibration wafers for wafertest globally.  Our focused area of expertise are thermal chuck and temperature wafer calibrations  along with burn-in ovens, freezers, oil and liquid baths, dryblocks and other environmental enclosures. In short: anything related to temperature.



Temperature Traceability

When temperature counts and traceability to ITS90 is required, you can count on us – where measurements are performed with confidence in the results: Sigma Sensors.

Why Sigma Sensors?

Calibrated sensors have inherently improved accuracy specifications over DIN spec sensors as seen in the graph. The colored graphs depict uncertainty as per accuracy class specification. 

At 200 degrees Celsius these range from ±0.5C° to ±2.5C° compared to a calibrated sensor whose accuracy can be as low as ±0.03 to 0.05K°, K=2. This makes a SiGMA K2 sensor more accurate by a factor of 10.


Our calibrated sensors get installed in the COWBOY WAFER, a <4mm Si wafer sandwich. Physical contact
is optimized and outside influences minimized. This enables us to accurately measure the temperature of
the wafer and therefore get a picture of the temperature distribution of the thermal chuck.


The best campus facilities

Our COWBOY Wafer comes as a complete, rugged, easy to use temperature calibration system. The case integrated cataloguers are hardwired to the wafer interface cable above the electronics compartment is the wafer storage. The notched wafer gets places ib the tgenrak chuck, the cables get plugged into the corresponding wafer tails. The USB out end of from the case gets plugged into the computer and the system is ready for acquiring live data.


Contact us with your calibration needs, and we will ensure to give you a tailored solution. 

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