Calibration wafer



Sigma Sensors introduces its’ Lab Series RTD Temperature  Calibration  Wafer to address the challenges presented to semiconductor labs, fabs and metrology departments.

Sigma Sensors’ temperature calibration wafers are designed with the customer in mind: ease of use, accuracy, durability and global service mobility.

Our systems are based on the COWBOY TEMPERATURE WAFER®, a highly resilient sandwich-type construction composed of two layers of Si wafer with embedded ISO17025 calibrated (optional) PT100 4-wire thin-film temperature sensors.

The thermal characterization wafer is standard shatter-free  and has a survival rate of >50% on the 1M drop test. It comes with a stainless steel carrier for ease of handling and added protection during transport. 

Wafers can be purchased freestanding for use with any meter – or as a complete, self-contained system. All materials are cleanroom safe, non-particle shedding, no outgassing and temperature resistant from -60°C to +260°C.

Every temperature sensor wafer shipped meets the basic advertised factory specifications. As for upgrades, we do offer both traceable, non-accredited calibration as well as ISO17025:2017 accredited calibration.


  • 4 wire PT100 technology provides the most accurate results
  • Calibrated and verified at actual test temperatures -60C / +200C
  • ISO 17025: The Global Standard
  • ITS90: Traceability to International Standards from -80°C to +425°C
  • Confidence in measurement; accuracy <0.03K
  • AS/TS 16949: satisfy audit requirements
  • Transparent calibration processes
  • 5-17+ sensors
  • Cleanroom safe
  • Made for global mobility
  • Rugged and easy to use
  • 50% survival rate 1 Meter drop test
  • Shatter free options
  • Useable even when broken
  • Upgrade path to add additional sensors and or increase required accuracy
  • Modular – works with any Meter / DAQ
  • Complete systems or freestanding wafer
  • SIGMA IR – infrared wafers
  • Logger: Windows / Linux / IOS / Python operating systems
  • Open operating system, easy customization of data display
  • Save and export in pdf or excel
  • USB, LAN, WIFI and LTE logging
  • Solutions to fit all requirements and budgets
  • Convenient on-site, remote calibration and embedded engineer options
  • Global Coverage, monthly / yearly lease / maintenance contracts