We offer standard spec, batched, custom harnessed as well as calibrated PT100 and PT1000 sensors in both 2 wire and 4 wire configuration for sale. Calibrated sensors have inherently improved accuracy specifications over DIN spec sensors, as seen in the graph. The colored graphs depict the accuracy range as per class specification. Our standard range for sensors is -40 °C to +200 °C. Cold capability is offered to -80 °C and hot to +260 °C.

At 200 degrees Celsius these range from ±0.5 °C to ±2.5 °C compared to a calibrated sensor whose accuracy can be as low as ±0.03K k=2. This makes a SIGMA K2 sensor the sensor of choice when accuracy and traceability counts.

Frequently asked questions

SPEC refers to the manufacturers specification: formulas for A, B and C type sensors (DIN spec) versus Sigma K2.

Cowboy Classic 0-140

K1 -40 to 140

K2 -40 to 175.

With the estimator tool you can obtain rough pricing. Once you have settled on a configuration to be quoted, just select “Quote now” and enter your contact information as well as referrer code for an additional 5% discount, After generation of the quote it will be manually reviewed and released with a copy to our agent so that he can contact you to discuss and answer any additional questions you may have.

SIGMA SENSORS is the only temperature calibration laboratory globally specializing in surface temperature calibration. All our calibrations are accredited and/or traceable, satisfying the requirements of ISO17025:2017 and IATF AS/TS16949.